“Adam is a multi-talented and creative force in the worlds of music and sound. His talents as a music producer are complimented well by his musician and engineering skills. He knows how to blend them all together to create a musical vision. I enjoy working with Adam also because he is easy to work with, inspired, and gets things done.”

Jon Mattox, composer / producer / mixer (jonmattox.com)

“Adam is a hard working guy. I know because I’ve worked on his projects and he is very good at his craft. As a musician, writer and producer he knows the importance of a good melody, a catchy hook and an exciting performance to bring it together. Working with him is a pleasure, it may be work in the studio but knowing that we will enjoy the time spent together is what makes it special.”

Matt Forger, producer / mixing and mastering engineer (facebook.com/mforgermxr)

“Adam is a fantastic person to work with. He really listens to and achieves what artists want and is able offer excellent artistic input and feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adam for any type of recording project. He works hard and is very knowledgeable. His caring shows in the quality of studio work he is able to achieve.”

– Brad Schrandt, musician / producer (bradschrandt.com)

“I worked with Adam on my EP and the whole experience was fantastic. Adam was always ready to work with a great, cheerful demeanor, happy to listen to ideas and willing to input his own. He’s a hardworking, talented musician and producer and anyone who collaborates with him will get outstanding results.”

– Victoria J. Mayers – singer / songwriter (queenvick.com)


Adam b&w guitar